Welcome to PSRC-10

PSRC was launched in 2004 with the aim of activating organic radical chemistry in the Pacific Rim by promoting mutual interaction among peoples in this field. Through nine meetings being held almost every two years since then, PSRC has succeeded in fostering organic radical chemistry in the world beyond its original scope.

Symposium Chair, Shigeru Yamago


Plenary Speakers

Michelle Coote

Flinders University

Ilhyong Ryu

Osaka Metropolitan University

Corey Stephenson

University of Michigan


Date Morning Afternoon Evening
June 4 (Sun.) Reception Desk Open Opening Celemony, Plenary Lecture, Welcome Party
June 5 (Mon.) Lectures Lectures / Poster Session
June 6 (Tue.) Lectures Lectures
June 7 (Wed.) Lectures Half day break
June 8 (Thr.) Lectures Lectures Banquet
June 9 (Fri.) Lectures

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Poster Awards Winners (June 9, 2023)

BCSJ Award for Poster Presentation

P-11 Till Drennhaus (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)
Enantioselective Copper-Catalyzed FUKUYAMA Indole Synthesis from 2-Vinylphenyl Isocyanides

P-24 Yuhan Jiang (Kyoto University)
Synthesis of Topological Block Polymers by Organotellurium-Mediated Emulsion Polymerization in Water

P-90 Ziwei Zhang (Kyoto University)
Generation of Vinylic Lithium Species from Silyl Enol Ethers

Chemistry Letters Young Researcher Award

P-45 Jieun Kim (KAIST)
Site-Selective Pyridylic C–H Functionalization by Photocatalytic Radical Cascades

P-26 Ivan Ocaña (University of York)
Enhancing Triethylborane Initiation through Mechanistic Understanding Using a Novel Radical Trapping Technique

P-31 Dmitry D. Saraev (University of Ottawa)
The Fate of Lipid-Derived Alkoxyl Radicals and Their Role in Oxidative Cell Death


P-59 Ayaka Itasaka (Hiroshima University)
Design and Synthesis of Nitroxide Radicals having SOMO-HOMO Energy Conversion

P-02 Yejin Koo (KAIST)
Visible-Light-Enabled Intramolecular Aminopyridylation of Alkenes

P-41 Andrew Maitland (University of Oxford)
Photocatalytic Generation and Downstream Reactivity of alpha-Amino Radical Species

SYNFACTS Poster Prize sponsored by Thieme

P-82 Yuuki Watanabe (The University of Tokyo)
Total Synthesis of Batrachotoxin

P-05 Airi Yamaguchi (Ochanomizu University)
Synthesis of Cyclic and Linear Fluoroalkyl Aromatics by Photoinduced Reaction of Aromatics and 1,4-Diiodoperfluorobutane

Chair Prize of PSRC-10

P-54 Raquel Sanchez (University of Manchester)
Novel Synthetic Methods using Photoexcited Nitroarenes

PSRC-10 is supported by

Tokuyama Science Foundation
Inst. Chem. Res., Kyoto Univ.

Organizing Committee

Symposium Chair

Shigeru Yamago : Kyoto University


Eiji Shirakawa : Kwansei Gakuin University


Manabu Abe : Hiroshima University
Tomoko Yajima : Ochanomizu University

Committee Members

Mahito Atobe : Yokohama National University
Hajime Ito : Hokkaido University
Naoki Ishida : Kyoto University
Masayuki Inoue : The University of Tokyo
Takeaki Iwamoto : Tohoku University
Masanobu Uchiyama : The University of Tokyo
Takashi Ooi : Nagoya University
Makoto Ouchi : Kyoto University
Takashi Ohshima : Kyushu University
Akio Kamimura : Yamaguchi University
Masami Kamigaito : Nagoya University
Motomu Kanai : The University of Tokyo
Eriko Sato : Osaka Metropolitan University
Kotaro Satoh : Tokyo Institute of Technology
Seiji Suga : Okayama University
Yumiko Nakajima : National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
Takuji Hatakeyama : Kyoto University
Kei Murakami : Kwansei Gakuin University
Makoto Yasuda : Osaka University
Shigehiro Yamaguchi : Nagoya University

Head of Secretariat

Hideki Yorimitsu : Kyoto University

International Organizing Committee
(Updated on Apr. 13)

Steven Bottle : Queensland University of Technology
Shun-suke Chiba : Nanyang Technological University
Ching-Wen Chiu : National Taiwan University
Qian Zhang : Northeast Normal University
Derek A. Pratt : University of Ottawa
David J. Procter : University of Manchester
Philippe Renaud : Universität Bern
Ilhyong Ryu : Osaka Metropolitan University
Franziska Schoenebeck : RWTH Aachen
Eiji Shirakawa : Kwansei Gakuin University
Corey Stephenson : University of Michigan
Armido Studer : Westfalische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Shigeru Yamago : Kyoto University

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Infection control for COVID-19

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Hand washing and cough etiquette, wearing a mask.
Maintain social distancing.
If you are not feeling well, do not attend symposium.